About me

I’m a 29 year old data scientist, currently living and working in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Born in England, I was raised in New Zealand’s incomparable South Island.

Matukituki Valley, New Zealand


In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, playing and refereeing ice hockey, drinking coffee, weightlifting, computer games, reading blogs, playing guitar, and sampling delicious single malt scotch whisky.


I am currently working as a data scientist for Blue Yonder, building predictive analytics solutions for customers in retail, travel, and transport industries. I am particularly interested in the integration of reinforcement learning techniques into predictive analytics products.

I received my PhD in Applied Mathematics, as well as my undergraduate degrees in Law and Mathematics, from the University of Otago. My doctoral thesis, entitled Numerical Construction of Static Fluid Interfaces with the Embedding Formalism, is an attempt to reformulate the Young-Laplace equation for static fluid interfaces in the language of differential geometry, and to devise a numerical implementation for the system by Finite Elements.

My thesis is available for download from the University of Otago OUR Archive.



My public key can be downloaded from keybase.io.
Fingerprint: 22C1 42AA 5828 23B3 4490 740F ED53 5213 043D ED8D