Beware the Mathematician

Christopher Laing

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A Memo

In 2002, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos issued a memo that has entered tech industry canon. The memo, known as the “API Mandate”, is generally perceived as being a statement about technology at Amazon, and is therefore widely admired by technologists and wholly ignored by executives. This is unfortunate, because it’s no exaggeration to say that the API Mandate completely transformed Amazon as a business and laid the foundation for its success. Better still, unlike many things that…

Christopher Laing

5-Minute Read

Combinatorial Optimisation

Recently, Deep Learning has revolutionised a multitude of technical fields, most notably Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. The implications for business are enormous, with the ramifications of these change still filtering through the mostly technology-shy world of business. There are signs that Combinatorial Optimisation might be the next technical field to undergo Revolution-By-Neural-Network. If this comes to fruition, then the impact on business will be seismic.

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